Risk Manager

Job description

As a Risk Manager you will be responsible to set goals and priorities regarding company risks, offer structures, ensure timely availability of the right resources, decisively solve issues and aim to an effective execution of the risk management and compliance processes within the organization. You must be able to evaluate critical business and regulatory risks and controls and monitor mitigation actions in a structured manner and monitor the business continuity and the achievement of corporate objectives.

The Risk Manager:

  • Identifies potential threats to the financial stability of the Bank, including risky credit, investments, and portfolio inefficiencies.
  • Detects potential threats to operational efficiency including underperforming resources, personnel liabilities, property inefficiencies, and safety risks.
  • Recognizes potential threats to the Bank’s reputation.
  • Prepares and maintains internal and external data gathering for risk analysis and reporting.
  • Documenting risk analysis reports to various stakeholders such as board members, C-suite executives, and employees
  • Evaluating the operational risks that might occur due to system failure or human error, which in turn leads to the disruption of business processes.
  • Develop risk related plans and formulate strategies to minimize and mitigate risks and also monitoring the progress of the project
  • Reports and advises the managing director regarding the facilities.
  • Secures the credit and lending strategies and objectives of the Bank.
  • Oversees the credit risk management of the Bank
  • And reviews the quality and performance of the Bank’s credit portfolio.
  • Develops insurance strategies and financing techniques to appropriately deal with any unanticipated losses.
  • Oversees all audits of accounting practices, safety measures, and compliance reports.
  • Conducts regular risk assessments either through a team of risk management experts or personally on site.
  • Manages and prepares all documentation related to risk assessments and reviews of standard operating procedures.

Job requirements

  • Master’s degree in (Business) Economics, Business Management, Business
  • Engineering or equivalent with an emphasis in Finance or Quantitative Analysis;
  • A certification in energy risk management (Energy Risk Professional or equivalent) is a pre;
  • Working knowledge regarding the laws and regulations of the CBCS is a pre;
  • High level of proficiency in MS Office suite: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Personality Profile:

  • An expert with strong analytical skills, applying logic, realism and caution when dealing with complex subjects;
  • Highly motivated individual who works well in a fast paced and time-sensitive environment;
  • Multi-tasking – ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, contacts, databases, and systems;
  • An influencer, who is able to influence others in a diplomatic yet persuasive manner in order to gain acceptance and overcome resistance to preventing losses and create a risk culture. Ability to project confidence and professionalism in all dealings with business personnel;
  • A proactive and flexible nature accompanied with an independent and critical mindset;
  • A diligent team player and able to build teams;
  • A lifelong learner who keeps abreast on technical risk & compliance areas;
  • A leader that has task and people management well balanced, who loves to build connections, expand people’s capabilities and create focus with a healthy dose of self-knowledge;
  • Commitment to lead by example in the Bank core values.


Nadya Amazzal

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